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  • Jerry Champlin

PACE for Leverage

The Colorado C-PACE program is designed to help property owners and developers deploy energy efficiency, water conservation and renewable energy solutions within their properties. The financing is provided as a loan attached to the property and paid through a voluntary special assessment on the property tax bill. The term of the loan/special assessment is the useful life of the solution deployed up to 20 years. The primary objective of this program is to incentivize property owners to invest in clean energy by freeing up their capital to focus on other project components.

Individual counties opt into the program as it becomes the county's responsibility to collect the tax. When I last checked, there had only been one potential default under this program which was rapidly remediated without the county loosing money. In the counties where we intend to initially operate this program, Chaffee is considering, Lake is in and Park is out.

C-PACE helps us to make the long term energy generation and efficiency investments that are necessary to support our natural environment while freeing capital to increase the number of affordable units we can develop each year. PLEASE help us by reaching out to your local elected officials in support of county adoption of the C-PACE program.

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