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Building for the Future

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Founded in 2021, AEON Affordable Housing Solutions is focused on the affordable housing crisis in Colorado's mountain communities.  Our approach centers on developing affordable micro-communities within existing neighborhoods utilizing smaller footprint Eco-Units(R).  

Our goal is to develop attractive permanently affordable housing which enables the people who work in our to mountain communities to also live in them.  We are creating a templated approach to all aspects of the development process to enable anyone with the desire to participate in scaling this solution through out Colorado and 

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Our Development Approach

Focusing on Sustainability, Beauty and Purpose

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Site Selection

Efficient. Reliable. Experienced.

  • Walkability:  within a ten minute walk of most necessities.

  • Infill:  critical utilities in the ground and available to be utilized

  • Unimproved:  ideal locations do not have existing structures.  Removing existing run-down structures can cost as much as an entire building lot.  

  • Cost:  housing is expensive to build, achieving an affordable price point at 80% of the AMI for Chaffee County requires a land cost per unit of $35,000 or less

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Site Design

Customized to Your Preferences

  • Views:  maximize site design to take advantage of the natural beauty.

  • Circulation:  enable the efficient movement of people through the space

  • Community:  design community areas into the space

  • Parking:  provide adequate parking for the residents and guests of the space

  • Storage:  provide secure storage space for outdoor adventure equipment

  • Optionality:  design for potential future needs like office space for people working from home



It’s All in the Details

Our sustainable sustainable building process leverages a high percentage of recycled products throughout the building process ranging from the repurposed structural shell of shipping containers to 80% recycled decking material to innovative recycled tile products developed in Colorado.  Energy consumption is minimized through liberal use of high density insulation, LED lighting, high efficiency appliances and ultra-high efficiency heating and cooling.  Solar with battery backup is deployed to offset energy consumption and to provide electrical system continuity should utility power temporarily fail.  Water use is minimized through thoughtful use of water efficient appliances and xeriscaping.



Repeatable, Scalable and Consistent

  • Minimize Site Work

    • Foundations

    • Utilities

    • Landscaping

  • Factory

    • Fabricate and Build Eco-Units

    • Maximize consistency and quality

    • IRC/IBC Code Certified

    • Modular Certified

    • Prefab external structure components (decking, etc)

  • Site Deploy

    • Install and permanently attach​

    • Deploy decking

    • Install fragile surfaces (tile, etc.)

    • Landscaping


Interior Design

Make it all count

320 square feet is more than enough to live in but you need to make every inch count.  

The key interior design mantras are:

  • make it beautiful

  • use all of the space

  • minimize resource use

  • make life simple

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Partners make the world go around

We've set a goal of helping 1000 families during this decade.  Achieving that goal requires partners.  During the first year of our program, we will be developing templates to take this program forward and proliferate.  Entering the second year of this program we will begin recruiting GCs, land developers and investors to scale up the overall impact.  During the second year, we will work with our manufacturing partner to create a second manufacturing location in Chaffee or Lake county.  The two facilities will have a combined capacity greater than 100 units per year.

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Current Projects

Making dreams into reality

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BV Basecamp

BV Basecamp is our inaugural project targeted for completion during 2022.  This is a hybrid project containing both affordable rentals as defined by Chaffee county and the federal government, boutique hotel accommodations and drop in office space.  

There are several motivations behind this project:  

  1. R&D For Eco-Unit Development

  2. R&D for Interior Design Optimization

  3. Predictable cash flow to support future pure affordable projects

  4. Test demand for drop in office space

  5. Explore storage requirements for long term rentals

  6. Template everything we do for reuse

  7. Identify cost and time optimization opportunities through the entire lifecycle of this project

  8. Fund the support organization required to properly administer affordable long term rental housing

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AEON is looking for a 2-6 lot infill space in Buena Vista, CO to construct a permanently affordable micro-community.  Please reach out to us at the email below if you think you might have an idea where to put this development.

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326 E Arkansas Street
Buena Vista, CO 81211

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